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Application for admission to school may be submitted for consideration at any time. There are several steps to the admission procedure.

1. Firstly we would invite you and your family to visit our campus for a personal tour to see our school facilities and atmosphere of our school. Rules to be followed.

2. Children completing two years for PRE-KG and three years for LKG as on the 1st of June of the year of the application, alone shall seek admission for L.K.G..

3. Children completing four years as on the 1st June of the year of the application can seek admission for UKG.

4. Application for admission should be made on the prescribed form by parents or guardian who will be responsible to the head of the school for the pupil’s conduct, punctuality, regular attendance, progress in school and payment of fees.

5.Procedure for LKG, includes a personal meeting with the child and parents to verify the certificates and to brief the rules and regulations of the school.

6. The Principal reserves the right of refusing admission to a pupil without ascribing any reason in it. He also reserves the right of refusing continued studies of any pupil whose conduct is not satisfactory..

Application for admission should be accompanied by

a) Transfer Certificate - Original

b) Conduct Certificate.

c) Application for admission into the L.K.G. / UKG should be accompanied by Birth Certificate, Community Certificate

d) Previous medical records in case of any ailments.

e) EMIS No and Aadhar Card

f) Passport sized photographs of a child

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